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Parking systems

Elecon technology for our mechanical parking systems is essentially divided into two areas: Translift e Carflift Below are detailed the differences between the two technique types, even downloading leaflet pdf.


Traslift L

In the L Translift type the vehicles are stored inside the parking area in side position.

Outside the structure there are 3 rooms in a row: one for storing the car by the user, one for the telescopic pick-up of the car and one for returning the car.

The car park consists of a translating tower that runs underground and picks up the cars on the ground floor and deposits them sideways with respect to the corridor.

The STT type is characterized by the use of a travelling tower and a transfer carriage.


The C type is versatile and it is characterized by the use of a vertical transporter in central position

The CSLT type has an elevator characterized by the presence of a vertical elevator with 4 racks or a LIFT that accommodates an undercarriage that moves onto the concrete slabs.

The DH type has been developed for special installations: the parking area is cylinder shaped

ES type is characterized by high versatility and high safety. 

FST type is characterized by the presence of a shuttle to move the vehicle